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Life is a combination of moments in time. How we react to these moments by our actions and words is what defines them. It’s when I act with intention and allow myself the mindfulness of the moment that I find the greatest rewards in the most unlikely places.

This story was no exception.

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The Boise Adventure

The part of our move I have been most looking forward to is exploring new places and meeting new people. I have all kinds of ideas on what these new days will look like, but that fun won't start quite yet. First I need to play catch up on work projects post-holidays.

That was our day today. Garrett and I were completely heads down, trying to get back on top of the e-mails and work that has been mounting over the last two weeks of holiday cheer and travel. Many people have been asking if Garrett and I still work full-time and the answer is yes. What that means is a whole other explanation.

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Peace Out

So Baby has graduated. Yes, it is true. The last Lane boy birdie to leave the nest. And the weekend has been nothing short of a whirlwind of events, from baccalaureate to party to commencement. All in about a 24 hour span.

After we closed the final night of festivities with a celebratory beer and wings with our extended clan, I finally laid in our comfy bed ready for some well needed rest. Carefully reflecting on our weekend of chaos in our soft quiet, Garrett asked how I felt. He knew how much I was looking forward to this milestone for Grant and for me.

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Sandy’s New Work Life

Time flies when you're having fun.
And when you're a little busy.

This morning Garrett asked me when I last wrote a blog.

"It's been a while" was my answer. Upon further review, it's almost been over a month.

I've had no reason for the delay, other than the combination of being busy and knowing the content of which I wanted to write warranted more time and thought than my more typical whimsical stories told. Although I have had an arsenal of stories that I have wanted to write about over the last month, I knew that this one needed to top my list.

A common question asked of me is in regards to my work life is "Sandy, what exactly are you doing these days?"

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